United Nigeria Advocacy Committee (UNAC) is a non-partisan ad-hoc advocacy and peace action committee made up of highly influential Nigerians and notable public figures whose core mandate is to drive advocacies, generate funds, provide political education, undertake negotiations or consultations, engage in dialogues, build strategic partnerships, lead and coordinate peace-building activities, being jointly designed towards promoting ethno-political unity and facilitating Nigeria’s return to true federalism, as a way of building a just and equitable federal republic. UNAC exists to help entrench the democratic tenets of accountable good governance, political equality, social justice and egalitarianism.

United Nigeria Advocacy Committee (UNAC) is a Pro-Nigeria peace action committee launched out of the patriotic desire to keep Nigeria together and sustain its unity in diversity, as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural society. Over the past decades, Nigeria have been characterized by secessionist tendencies, which recently became more intensified among Nigerians of southern and the middle belt regions resulting from the people’s agitations against their age-long political marginalization. Hence, the resilient demand for self-determination, amidst undeniable political and socio-economic oppressions.

The continued agitations by some large segments of Nigerians for self-determination have been solely hinged on the people’s demand for a new federal constitution, which will restructure and return Nigeria to a just, equitable and truly egalitarian federal republic, where all citizens and component political regions are provided with equal rights, treatments, privileges and opportunities. There is no other way to keep Nigeria together!

Therefore, the goal of UNAC is to facilitate Nigeria’s return to true federalism by promoting among Nigerians the political awareness and the knowledge required, thus stimulating the required patriotism, nationalism and collective motivation.


To facilitate the reconstruction of a new federal constitution and Nigeria’s return to true federalism by building the political awareness and the knowledge needed to stimulate the patriotism, nationalism and motivation required of the citizenry, using the tools of advocacy, political education, public awareness, civic engagement and other means of peace education, while working to promote unity and peaceful co-existence among Nigerians.

Core Objectives: