Political Education:

We equip and empower Nigerians to become educated and knowledgeable enough, in order to actively support the country’s existing imperative need for constitutional restructuring and its return to true federalism. 

Public Awareness:

We utilize various physical and media platforms in enlightening Nigerians to become adequately informed or aware of the country’s critical need for  ethno-political unity and oneness in diversity, as well as the urgent necessity for a new federal constitution and a return to true federalism


We mobilize people in critical mass and also provide them with a global platform to lend their voices in support of Nigeria’s return to true federalism and its emergence, as a truly egalitarian state.


We adopt a unique fundraising model which enables us to undertake social enterprises and also operate donor-fundraising channels where various stakeholders are able to work together in generating the funds needed for the implementation of our objectives.


We build the knowledge and foster the awareness needed to attract and enhance global solidarity towards the demand by a critical mass of Nigerians for a new federal constitution and the country’s return to true federalism.

Consultations and Negotiations:

We engage in high-powered consultations, negotiations, peace talks and other consensus-building strategic meetings wholly intended to facilitate Nigeria’s return to true federalism. We tend to achieve this aim by engaging with key stakeholders in government, politics, business, philanthropy, activism and other core sectors.

Non-Violent Protest Actions:

We undertake a series of non-violent protest actions primarily meant to attract and draw global attention to our “cause”. The desired aim is to promote ethnic reconciliation, national unity, sustainable peace, political equality, religious harmony, good governance and social justice, among other socio-political factors, needed in order to build a peaceful, just and equitable Nigeria. Some of such protest actions include vigils, processions, marches, petitions or protest letters and many others.