United Nigeria Advocacy Committee (UNAC) was formed out of the collective desire by concerned patriotic citizens to stop Nigeria from going the way of Rwanda, Somali, Libya or Syria, which appears almost inevitable given the current political and socio-economic circumstances. Nigeria has reached its breaking point and if nothing is done fast to save the situation, the ticking time bomb will explode with more damaging consequences than ever witnessed in the country’s entire history.

Nigeria is on its way to a second civil war and a forceful political disintegration. This is not just a solemn reminder of a disaster waiting to happen but more of a critical warning that must not be ignored or taken for granted because the consequences will be grievous and regrettable. Nigeria is tragically living on borrowed time. Don’t forget the adage which says “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”.

Why UNAC was Formed:

United Nigeria Advocacy Committee (UNAC) was established to serve as a last-minute effort to pull Nigeria from the brink, the country is already on the precipice, its political atmosphere is over-saturated with tensions and anxieties, which have heightened to the highest limits. Nigeria’s polity is presently at the highest stage of ethno-regional polarization and indeed highly volatile and combustive. Nigeria is today more vulnerable to ethno-political genocide and forceful disintegration than any other time in the past. The right time to act is NOW.

How UNAC Was Formed:

 UNAC was established and officially unveiled on the 31st May, 2021 as the outcome of a-one day  “National Ethno-Political Peace Dialogue”, which held in Transcorp Hilton Abuja, convened by Comrade Kennedy Iyere and organized by Youths Off The Street Initiative (YOTSI) but jointly hosted by Nigeria’s key ethnic nationalities, comprising Afenifere Group, Yoruba Council of Elders, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Middle Belt Forum, Southern and Middle Belt Forum, Pan Niger Delta Forum and Igbo World Assembly.

The meeting was well-attended by over 300 delegates, who were largely prominent Nigerians and notable public figures, including key ethnic leaders, national opinion leaders, top political influencers, captains of industry, seasoned diplomats, frontline professionals, high-profile NGO executives and other critical stakeholders. The historic gathering was co-hosted and also co-chaired by Chief Ayo Adebanjo, Leader of Afenifere Group; Prof George Obiozor, President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo; Dr Bitrus Pogu, Chairman of Middle Belt Forum; Chief Edwin Clark, Leader of Southern and Middle Belt Forum and Senator Emmanuel Ibok-Essien, Chairman of Pan Niger Delta Forum.

Mandate of the Committee:

The purpose for the formation of UNAC is to rescue Nigeria from its present threats of imminent second civil war and a forceful political break-up. This, it hopes to achieve through, among others, its peace action committee, whose focus is to promote unity, build peace and stimulate harmonious co-existence among Nigerians. It will also keep promoting advocacy for Nigeria’s return to true federalism and reconstruction of a new federal constitution, which guarantees equal rights, treatments, privileges and opportunities for all citizens and component regions.